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Firebrand (Paperback)

Firebrand (Paperback)



That's how sixteen-year-old Saray sees herself.


As both a magikai in a land where magic is outlawed and an orphan who was abandoned by her parents to boarding school, Saray has been taught to view her abilities as a threat.


When Saray's talents are accidentally revealed, she is forced to flee her school. But she is given hope by a sympathetic teacher in the form of the Isle of Dundere- a place where Saray can find safe haven for her magic, and where her blind friend Trina can seek healing for her vision.


As they make their way, though, Saray and Trina will learn that much of what they've been told is a lie. To reach Dundere, they will need to face their own prejudices and depend on people they've been taught to fear. And Saray will learn things on her journey that will challenge her beliefs about both her own origins and the magic within herself.


Because Saray's magic IS dangerous. But danger can be useful when it's wielded skillfully.

  • About the Book

    Author: Mary Walz

    Release Date: April 19, 2022

    Page Count: 270

    Publisher: RCN Media

    All paperback orders placed are signed by the author, and come with a free map and bookmark!

    “Step into a world full of forbidden magic and found family. Firebrand is an exciting addition to Canadian fantasy.”

    - Christine Lavallée

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