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PRE-ORDER Lifebringer (Paperback)

PRE-ORDER Lifebringer (Paperback)



That’s how Isabelle has been taught to see herself.


As the betrothed of Breoch’s Prince Oliver, Isabelle's entire life has been preparation for the day she will marry her lifelong friend. But Oliver is showing signs of the same mysterious illness that took his mother’s life, and Isabelle soon realizes the healing magic she’s so carefully hidden might be his sole hope. So when she is invited to attend a magic class in the Shrouded Woods, she accepts.


But the class has devastating consequences, and soon after Isabelle is pulled into the secretive, magic-filled village of Ankrossi to be trained in her gift. However, Isabelle’s royal ties threaten the village’s safety, and dangers quickly rise on every side, from the expected threat of the Witch Slayers to courtiers with their eyes on the throne, a powerful being bent on revenge, and family members with scores to settle.


To outwit these threats, a group of young people will need to step into their power, make sacrifices, and put old grudges to rest. Not only that, but both Isabelle and Oliver will face seemingly impossible choices—will they follow the paths laid out for them since childhood, or forge new, unexpected ones, regardless of what it will do to their reputations or promised future together?


For once, Isabelle must take control of her own destiny. And what she does with it may forever alter the course of a nation.

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