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Stormbrewer (Paperback)
  • Stormbrewer (Paperback)



    That's how the Breoch Guard wants Ruby to see herself. 


    Six months ago, Ruby used magic to save her eldest brother’s life, and he thanked her by turning her in. Now she lives on a prison farm, enslaved for life, her right hand and tongue removed. 


    When Ruby's middle brother manages an unexpected rescue, she is both grateful and sad, as fleeing the farm means leaving her best friend Kaden behind. Her brother plans to have her escorted to a lifebringer in Dundere, where she can be healed and learn magic safely. 


    To do this, though, he will have to seek help from old enemies and face a past he's spent years running from. Soon after her arrival in Dundere, Ruby will find herself tangled up with a charming fellow with a questionable reputation, and, upon making plans to rescue Kaden, Ruby will discover that her friends on the prison farm are in grave danger. 


    As threats to her, her brother, and both her enslaved friends and her allies in Dundere rise on every side, Ruby will discover friendship in unexpected places, and unexpected strength within herself.


    Because Ruby will NOT be easily shattered.

    • About the Book

      Author: Mary Walz

      Release Date: April 25, 2023

      Page Count: 301

      Publisher: RCN Media

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